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We are Osnova – an advisor for sustainable business in Bulgaria. Our mission is to make business and our planet thrive together.

Our team has extensive expertise in the areas of sustainable development, process optimization, project management and communications.


2/ 3
of consumers

consumers believe they “have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society”.

Harvard Business Review

0 %
of global GDP

depends on the environment and it’s well-being

World Economic Forum

0 %
of Europeans

consider climate change a “serious problem”



намаляване на разходи

Cost savings

Significant cost reductions can result from improving operational efficiency through better management of natural resources like water and energy, as well as minimizing waste.

намаляване на риска устойчив бизнес

Better risk management

Reduce reputational, regulatory and operational risk by building a sustainable supply chain.

Stronger company image and employer brand

Companies with clearly defined values find it easier to attract the best talent to the job market, as well as new customers.

ефективност устойчив бизнес

Higher efficiency

By applying the principles of the circular economy, you can build efficient processes using fewer resources.



We apply a systematic approach to developing a strategy for achieving long-term sustainable business. The key to success and good results is working closely with our clients. Together we go through the different phases of the project from identifying the areas for improvement, through analysis of the current situation and testing and implementation of the identified solutions. Throughout the process, we are guided by the key performance indicators of your business, engaging key figures and functions in the process.

We apply a systematic approach and analyze the current state of your company.

We collect and analyze data from your business sector. The results will help set a benchmark of where the company should be after a successful transformation.

We will identify the key areas in which your business has the strongest impact on the economy and the environment.

We will help you set realistic and measurable science-based goals that help you reduce the carbon emissions of your business.

We will develop a roadmap for the implementation of improvements that will lead you to a more sustainable and responsible business. At this stage, we focus on specific suggestions for improvements that are tested on a small scale before full implementation.

We will offer you specific tools and suitable partners for its implementation.

We will develop a comprehensive strategy for communicating with your internal and external audiences in order to effectively engage all stakeholders in the transformation process.

We will prepare a plan for the implementation of the validated ideas and work together with you to implement it.

And once we have successfully completed our joint project, we will return to you to keep you informed about innovations in the sector and opportunities for improvement, because we can not stop.

We will hold follow-up regular meetings to make sure that change is sustainable.

Not ready for a complete transformation yet? Start with small steps

Materiality assessment

Through conducting a Materiality assessment we will help you identify the key areas where your business has the strongest impact on the environment, measure it, set optimal science-based goals and manage the process of achieving them.

създаване на комуникационна стратегия Основа

Communication strategy

We combine our expertise in the field of sustainable development and communications. We will help you tell your story to your team and clients, conveying your message in the most inspiring way. Engage all stakeholders to achieve a real sustainable change.

Conceptual projects

What we love most about our work is the opportunity to show on a daily basis that sustainable development brings much more added value. Moving to a new office? We will help you build a green, beautiful and engaging environment that will attract even employees from neighbouring companies.

Симона Стилиянова Основа

Simona Stiliyanova

co-founder, communications and sustainable development

Божана Загорчева Основа

Bozhana Zagorcheva

co-founder, process optimization and project management


Osnova is a young company with an ambitious mission. Among the companies that have already trusted us is the Bulgarian food-tech startup, which aims to remove plastic from your coffee - Cupffee . We are also proud of the fact that we helped to significantly reduce the waste generated by the studio of MasterChef Bulgaria . Stay tuned for more updates about our clients.

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